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Medication Technician and AED Training in Greensboro, NC

Heart to Heart offers medical training including medicine technician and AED training in Greensboro, North Carolina.

CPR and First Aid together is $70

CPR Training ($40 3 1/2 hour class, includes adult, child infant, and AED)
Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation is a very important technique that anyone would benefit from learning, whether working in the medical field or not. This hands-on class uses mannequins to learn how to save lives from cardiac arrest. This course offers certification through the American Heart Association.

CPR, AED Training in Greensboro, NC

Administering Medicine and CPR, AED Training in Greensboro, NC

First Aid Training ($40 2 1/2 hour class)
First Aid classes consist of hands-on and video training that informs you how to react in true emergencies. This course offers certification through the American Heart Association.

AED Training (included with CPR class)
AED training, otherwise known as Automated External Defibrillator training, teaches you how to properly use an AED device. This electronic device is what is used in the medical field to shock the heart back to normal rhythm, for children, adults, and infants. With our AED simulator, you will learn how to effectively place the AED pads to help save a life from cardiac arrest.

Medication Technician ($125 supplies included, 15 hour class)
If you are looking for a job as a CNA, this training will greatly benefit you, especially for in-home nursing, assisted living, hospice, group homes, etc. This is a one day  training class on how to take the state board exam and  is a hands-on way to learn how to administer medication. 

PCA Program ($300 40/80 hours)
Please Call for Class Availability.  Personal care, staff training, and competency. This is a State of North Carolina approved curriculum.  

Contact us for AED training to start saving lives in Greensboro, North Carolina.